Ok can somebody give me a lengthy response as to why everyone keeps comparing Caroline and Cami?

I mean, the gist of it seems to be that because she’s blonde and has a similar wardrobe, that she’s somehow a carbon copy of Caroline, which I don’t get. The only thing that makes them similar are…

I think what accounts for the Caroline/Cami comparison is that they share similar traits, looks aside. They’re both stubborn, willful, compassionate, and penetrating. Intimidating hybrid monster that Klaus is, neither one of them betrays any fear about offering Klaus frank truths about himself. Even when he refuses to hear them or pretends to ignore them. Regardless of what he wants, they’re 100% honest anyways. Caroline delivers hers with her characteristic sass; Cami expresses hers with psychological insight.

In addition to this, they’re both able to see through Klaus without much difficulty. Caroline sees how he uses violence and manipulation as a tool for control and how it comes from a place of deep-rooted damage, while Camille understands the psychological toll his family’s dysfunction has taken on his interactions/relationships with people. Despite Klaus’ issues, both ladies recognize his goodness, his humanity if you will, when everyone else seems ignorant of it. (Hence the sliver of redemption they cling to when he performs despicable acts.) They are the ones who tend to draw out, to expose, his better qualities: his kindness, his tenderness, his understanding, his forgiveness etc. And they’re also the ones who encourage him to access it and to put it into practice.

I think what grates many people is that it often feels like the writers are trying to duplicate the light/dark theme of Klaroline with Klamille on TO. And since Caroline (aside from the Original siblings) was relatively the only one on TVD to acknowledge and understand Klaus’ proclivity for goodness, it seemed to bespeak of a special bond between the two. Because, to be honest, to most people that meet him, Klaus is and will always be an enigma. So, as unjust as it may be, I don’t think people are/were ready to accept another female character who shares that level of intimacy and understanding with Klaus. Especially not one who shares similar character traits. It was too soon. And too obvious. I think that’s where people get the “rip-off” notion.

It’s not just Caroline/Cami parallels people make, either. I’ve heard many similar gripes about Enzo on TVD and how he is a Klaus 2.0. I don’t think viewers would’ve been bothered as much had these new characters exerted more differences in their characterization, or had the writers attempted to establish new themes around them. It felt more like replacement than ingenuity at times. A substitute for what was instead of innovation for what was to come, you know?

Anyways, I hope this helps to answer your question a little bit. Preferences aside, I did my best to offer a short character analysis of some of the similarities I’ve identified between Caroline and Camille. I could add more, if need be. :)